Here is a link to GINA:

I use GINA for audio triggers, text popups, and overlay timers. GINA is a third party app which monitors your character’s log file(s) and based on the generated text can fire audio triggers and/or display visual information. GINA can optionally use regex for parsing which allows for some nifty trigger customization. You can see me using GINA on my stream and videos.

Check my YouTube channel for example videos demonstrating how to use GINA.

Most recent trigger packages (January 1st, 2018):

If you use these packages, you will want to make an emote hotkey with the line “/em goes brain dead.” This is the alternative text line that I’ve set up for ending a lot of the indefinite/long timers, and you can use this to clear them from your screen when they may not naturally end themselves in a timely manner.

Please note that trigger packages are always considered a work in progress. I make at least some changes on almost a weekly basis. Please feel free to request the most up to date package at any time and I’ll be glad to upload it. Obviously missing content is likely missing because I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but please leave feedback with issues you have so I can make corrections.

A few YouTube guides I’ve made related to GINA: